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Rebel Cool Rebel Cool

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Easily a masterpiece... i particularly enjoy how you managed to capture your imprisonment in society by physically representing it as a grid of blue lines.

Girl Girl

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which pokemon is this?

Jen Jen

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Cool :D

Wongoof responds:


Random Concept 1 Random Concept 1

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Excellent work!
I have been a fan of your work for quite some time now....
I definitely enjoy your combination of a massive piece of technology/machine and landscapes.

In this piece, you included a dragon... and I don't think I've seen a dragon in any of your artwork so far...
That got me thinking about an MMOrpg I have been playing for a while, and how some of the loading screens use landscape/character art.... but they don't really fit into the game or area the way that they should.

The game is Guild Wars 2, and Dragons are a large part of the game.
There is also a lot of technology being used (by two races in particular, the Charr and the Asura) and I feel that this piece would fit into the Guild Wars 2 style almost perfectly.

If you are interested, and you want work, I would like to suggest that you maybe create a piece inspired by Guild Wars 2, (since this piece looks like Gw2, and you weren't even shooting for it) and submit it to them to get noticed.

They might hire you!

Either way, your artwork is amazing....
I would love to see you working for a company that will put your artwork on display and make you famous.

JCZ Junkbot Fighter JCZ Junkbot Fighter

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This is really cool!
I'd like to see more of these over plushies any day.

Great work!

White Acropolis- Snowy Peak White Acropolis- Snowy Peak

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I don't know if its because I never really look at Sonic The Hedgehog fanart or anything.... but I find that this is pretty unique (as far as what sonic is doing is concerned) .... pretty well-done also.

<3 Ice Cap Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 3....

Anyway, I really like this and I think you did an excellent job, regardless of the subject matter (I'm a closet sonic fan I guess).

AncoPro responds:

Naaaa I'm not offended by people who openly don't like this sort of stuff, I just like feeding a flame. Thanks for the comments.

Petit Grunt Petit Grunt

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Mangled creature from Amnesia: Dark Descent?

Anti-Dark-Heart responds:

Yes he is!

maxim2 maxim2

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I was skeptical of this at first... and I was originally going to call you out as a phony.
(Someone who just monochrome's a pic, applies filters, and smudges in Photoshop)
To be sure, I found the original picture from which your art was inspired, monochromed it, and compared the two, and much to my surprise, I can say that this is not just some fancy photo editing.
Proportion and aspect are both amazing.
Shading nearly matches the original exactly.

One could easily achieve such results by painting over/tracing a picture on a different layer in PS... This is definitely one of those cases where imperfections would be on your side.

You're either really good, or a cheater!
... and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Great work, 10/10

ZuluCS responds:

Haha! Thanks for the comment.

I actually posted this pic a while ago on the Art forum here with a progress shot:

So maybe that will help the skepticism.

Tommykins Tommykins

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Modern art 2 Modern art 2

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Truly Modern.

Rated M for Masterpiece.

Prome responds: